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Amazon Lens/Stylesnap - How Influencers Can Make Money

I am an Amazon Affiliate signed up with their Influencer Program. I have not been doing much with it lately, however I recently noticed my earnings have really increased but I didn’t know why. I have not been promoting my Amazon store or Amazon products at all lately. When I went to see where my earnings were coming from I was a bit puzzled because it said they were coming from something called 'Stylesnap.' I had no idea what that was, and the majority of my earnings were coming from it!

Here are my earnings from just yesterday. Now just so you know, I haven’t been promoting my Amazon store so I have not been expecting these earnings. I’ve kinda been focusing on other projects and just had Amazon stuff on the back burner

Notice how most of my earnings are coming from StyleSnap (also known as Amazon Lens to buyers). I think Amazon is going through a branding transition so you will see StyleSnap sometimes and other times you will see it branded as Amazon Lens.

Before I tell you how Amazon Influencers can make money from Stylesnap I need to explain two things quickly. What the Amazon Influencer program is and what Stylesnap/Amazon Lens is.

Amazon Influencer Program - Amazon allows those with a decent following on Social Media to become Amazon influencers. Here is a link to sign up if you are interested. You can also check out My Amazon Store if you want to see some ideas of what you can do with an Amazon store. When filling out the form they will ask things like what your social media account usernames are. I don’t think Amazon discloses the amount of followers the user needs to have on social media in order to be approved but it’s worth a shot filling out the quick form. There wasn’t a wait when I filled out the form. I was approved right away. Once you are an Amazon influencer you can tag your favorite products and upload photos or videos of you with your favorite products.

StyleSnap / Amazon Lens - allows amazon users/buyers to take a picture or upload a photo of an outfit to see if it (or something similar) is available on Amazon. With the wide arrangement of clothing options that there are on Amazon, you know if they don’t have it - they are going to have something similar. And if an Amazon Influencer has uploaded a photo of them wearing the product the search engine could bring that photo with a link to the influencer's store in the search. This is how Influencers can make money from Snapstyle.

If a user searching for a product using Amazon Lens and clicks on an Influencer’s photo or store link, and then later makes a purchase during that session - the influencer makes a commission. The buyer doesn’t even have to buy the actual product - it can be a similar product or another product purchased during that session according to Amazon’s Stylensnap For Influencers site.

So influencers with an Amazon store can begin uploading photos of them with their favorite clothes that can be found on Amazon and then tag the product. Also influencers with photos tagged with clothing can also be randomly chosen to be listed on Amazon’s ‘Shop the Look’ page. As an influencer, a photo from your store could be selected on the ‘Shop The Look’ page pushing your image out to thousands of people. If anyone clicks on your image to see more information and then makes a purchase then bingo - you got some commissions. My image is showing under the 'Men's' category currently ("Good Vibes" hoodie).

So if you are a social media influencer I would definitely try enrolling in the Amazon Influencer program if you haven’t already. The cool part is that you get your own store you can put the link on all your profiles . In addition, with Amazon Snapstyle you can show up in Amazon Lens search engine or ‘Shop The Look’ page giving you even more opportunity to make money.

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