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How To Add Affiliate Links to Pinterest Idea Pins

Idea Pins are the most trending pins on Pinterest currently. I've noticed that my Idea Pins with video get the most impressions daily. Also, all of the Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Youtubers I follow all recommend creating Idea Pins to grow your following.

In the past the only way to add an affiliate link to Pinterest was to create a regular pin. The Idea Pin option never had a place to insert a clickable affiliate link, and actually it still doesn't unless you create the Idea Pin from the Pinterest Mobile App (on your smartphone). The desktop/web browser version of Pinterest still does not allow you to add affiliate links.

Below are instructions on how to add affiliate links to a Pinterest Idea Pin using the Pinterest mobile app. In my example I am using an affiliate link from the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program on a video Idea Pin to promote a fun t-shirt.

  1. Click on the add (+) button within the Pinterest mobile app and select 'Idea Pin'.

2. Select the video or image you would like to use and then click on the 'Sticker' option at the bottom menu. I used a funny video of me pretending to be on a conference call and letting one of my coworkers know they were on mute by pointing to my t-shirt.

3. From the Stickers menu, select the 'Product' icon.

4. Then from the Products menu select the 'Use a Link' tab at the top. You will see a place to add your affiliate link. Copy/paste your affiliate link into this location.

5. The 'Sponsored Product' label option will default on. Leave this on as the FTC requires us to disclose when we are promoting an affiliate link/sponsored product. From this screen you can also select the clickable image you would want to show on your pin (an image selection menu may not work for all affiliate links).

6. The preview screen will appear and you will see your clickable product sticker defaulted as text. Click on it to see it change to other options. Resize and position as desired and then click the 'Create' button to put your Idea Pin out into the universe!

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