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Maamgic Shorts

Maamgic are some of my favorite shorts. I found them on Amazon looking for some comfortable shorts for Spring. After falling in love with their shorts I discovered their awesome website also. Click on any photo or video for a link to view/purchase the item. Disclaimer: I earn a small commission for qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.

Maamgic has some of the most stylish and comfortable shorts on the market in my opinion. They are similar to chubbies but much more affordable. The ones below have an elastic waistband which offers comfort and flexibility. These are available on Amazon and You can use Maamgic promo code tallfreak10 for 10% off your entire purchase.

Maamgic shorts

These are Maamgic's 5.5" Men's Casual Shorts with Elastic Waistband. Available on Amazon and Maamgic.

maamgic shorts for bubblebutt men

The 5.5" casual shorts come in many different colors.

Maamgic promo code tallfreak10

maamgic fleece shorts

These are Maamgic's 5.5" Gym Shorts. Super soft and comfortable. Available on Amazon and Maamgic.

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